Frontliner is a true hardstyle pioneer with a versatile sound and groundbreaking productions. From Vegas to Australia, his powerful on stage performances fill every main stage with epic anthems such as “Symbols” and “Weekend Warriors”. As a producer he is well known for his colorful approach to the genre and monster hits like ‘I am the melody man’ and ‘Dream dust’ are direct proof of his skills to both feel and surprise his fans.

By sharing his production secrets through online tutorials Frontliner has received a lot of respects from fans and professionals alike confirming both his talent and his unmistakable position as one of the most creative and talented artists his genre has to offer. But while this hero of hardstyle normally makes his appearance high above the crowd, he is still very much one of the guys. With al this firework in recent years the magic word for the future can be easily guessed: “music.”