Conceived from a spark of fresh passion, two mighty and tenacious Spaniards conjoined with an undeniable determination to blaze through the industry with explosive, fiery music… Fronting the new-found act Ignite, long-time friends Jesus and Xavier formed the duo on the basis of friendship, flair and the drive to express themselves through Hardcore music.

Forming Ignite in 2013, the boys focussed solely on building ace productions that caught the public’s eye. After alighting the scene for the first time when they won the Dominator DJ/producer contest in 2015, the only way has been up, as the duo have gone on to evolve into an act that’s fronted by savage productions and high-energy performances. In 2017, Ignite deservingly earned their place amongst the Dogfight Records clan. With their intention to make the scene burst into flames, the duo dropped a round of scorching tunes, including “Sulfure,” “Bounce,” “Venture” with Bodyshock and “Fuckers.”

Armed with sizzling new material, this Dogfight-signed act are ready to enter the inferno!