The name ‘Partyraiser’ appeals to the imagination of any hardcore head. Fast, driven by pure energy and harder than the rest, or as he calls it: “party in een zaagjas.” Though impossible to translate, everyone who has ever witnessed a performance by Partyraiser knows exactly what that means.

Captured by the art of working the turntables since 1993, Wesley van Swol, better known as Partyraiser, started a journey that would eventually become the success it is now. After making a name in the region, he got the chance to spin the wheels at Megarave in 1998. The real breakthrough came in 2004 when Partyraiser impulsively laid the foundation for his own signature style by playing sets consisting of hard-edged B-sides. When fellow DJs and hardcore fans started speaking about ‘Partyraiser style,’ he knew that he had something valuable in hand; a statement was made. That same year, his battle with D-Passion at Hellbound came in like a hurricane. Partyraiser grabbed hold of the hardcore scene, never to release it. The phenomenon Partyraiser would forever be mentioned in the same breath with hard, fast and accessible hardcore. Years of triumph followed for Partyraiser, with big performances in The Netherlands and abroad, including his own solo events, One Man // Half Machine and Machine City. In October 2008 he joined forces with Platinum Agency, with whom he has been cooperating to this day and became the most frequently booked hardcore DJ. From this solid platform, Partyraiser traveled to all corners of the globe and invaded more mainstages than a seven year old can count to. His hit list includes kickass concepts like Defqon.1 Festival, Decibel Outdoor Festival, Dominator, Thunderdome, Masters of Hardcore, Reverze, Defqon.1 Festival Australia, Harmony of Hardcore and Ibiza Goes Hard, including what was undoubtedly the hardest boat party in history. The biggest highlight came in October 2013 when Partyraiser was chosen to host his own area at Thrillogy in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht. He invited friends, colleagues and personal heroes to celebrate this loud and special occasion with him. Thrillogy sold out for the first time and this crown on his career has left a deep and lasting impression.

In the Summer of 2013, Partyraiser founded his own record label, Partyraiser Records. A platform for his musical output, yet also for new talented producers who deserve a chance in the spotlight. The label was chosen as ‘Best New Hardcore Label’ at the 2014 HDM Awards in the UK. This year already held some major highlights for Partyraiser, including his performance at the famous Spanish club Pacha, making himself the first mainstream hardcore DJ to hit this venue with distorted kicks. A new experience for Partyraiser was the creation of the anthem for Harmony of Hardcore, which he produced together with F. Noize, including vocals by MC Syco and his American friend El Niño. The anthem, released on Partyraiser Records, captures the ultimate hardcore feeling with its destructive kicks and great atmosphere. With the summer of 2014 in full motion, there are a number of big events on the doorstep, including the iconic Tomorrowland where Partyraiser will be representing the edge of hardcore at the Q-dance stage on both weekends and he will be returning to party island Ibiza during Ibiza Goes Hard.

After ten years of sitting in the front seat of a mad rollercoaster at full speed, the end of the ride is not yet in sight. Stronger than ever, still harder than the rest and 100% mayhem at every set he plays. Can you handle the heat of a raging BPM attack? Try to keep up with the beats of Partyraiser!