Psyko Punkz

When it comes to Hardstyle, the Psyko Punkz, Sven Sieperda and Wietse Amersfoort need no introduction, as they are world-renowned elite purveyors of the Hardstyle genre. Thanks to their unique and hard-hitting take on the sub-genre of EDM, they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. “We ride on the edge of the underground and the mainstream, but always with a little raw edge to it,” explains Wietse with regard to their explosive and volatile sound. The Psyko Punkz fan based has steadily increased sice their raging debut in 2008; “It’s been a pretty crazy ride, but a great experience in every way”.

Sieperda and Amersfoort were first introduced to each other at a party, but quickly came to the realization that they shared a common love for electronic music, especially Hardstyle. After joining forces they quickly landed a deal with the Belgian label company, Dirty Workz. After signing, Psyko Punkz embarked on a journey performing live DJ sets at some of the largest and most major festivals in the world, including Tomorrowland (five year in a row this summer, 2014), Tomorrowworld USA, Defqon.1 (NL and AUS), The Sound Of Q-Dance (Los Angeles and Chile), Mysteryland (NL and Chile), Qlimax, Hardbass, Decibel, Germany’s Nature One, etcetera, etcetera. Staying true to the Hardstyle sound, image and lifestyle, the Psyko Punkz’s reputation for energetic live sets have made them increasingly popular around the globe, from Europe, to the U.S.A., Australia, Korea and the United Kingdom. “Our performances are always really energetic,” says Wietse (who calls Utrecht his home). “Things can get crazy,” when it comes to the loyal fan base that turns up at all their live shows, and many industry observers have noticed just how many fans have connected with the twosome. With major tracks like, “Psyko Foundation” and “Bass Boom” becoming the anthem for an army of followers, nicknamed Psyko Soldiers, their fan base has created a real sense of unity. “Our fans are really dedicated, and have even tattooed our song titles and logo on themselves” adds Sven. Contrary to predictions, it’s not just the men getting tattooed, but ladies who are engrossed by the melodic yet pounding rhythms that the Psyko Punkz embody.

In 2011 evidence started to emerge of the duo’s growing influence in the Hardstyle community, due to fans of all genders voting them into the prestigious DJ mag Top 100 list. They entered at #78 that year, climbing to #67 in 2012, after hit records like ‘Psyko Foundation’, ‘Bass Boom’, ‘Love This Life’, ‘Trippie Hippie’, and ‘Electro Bam’ were release throughout the year and into 2013.

In 2014, another great year full on big releases form the guys, ‘Drunken Masta’, a collaboration with the cutting edge rap group Dope D.O.D was released. This tune broke right into the top 10 Hard Dance Beatport chart the week it was brought out. Within a month the official premiere of the music video on the Vice Magazine channel Noisey was shown. The video attracted over 800K views on YouTube and continues to be ‘viewed’ on a daily basis. Midway through yet another great year for the Psyko Punkz, the two were asked to do the official remix for (the #1 DJ in the world) Hardwell’s hit single, ‘Arcadia’. Since being released it has reached the #1 spot on the Beatport Hard Dance chart. Furthermore, they were asked by the EDM superstar, Steve Aoki, to do the official remix for his new single ‘Can’t Stop The Swag’ with DJ Coone. This mix is soon to be released on Dim Mak Records.

Along with all of the great releases, the Dutch spotlight was also aimed at the Psyko Punkz when they were asked to produce the official anthem titled ‘Back Again’ for one of the biggest Hardstyle festivals, Decibel Outdoor. Psyko Punkz have also been asked to host this years Thrillogy main stage as the headliner, indicating their escalating success. They will perform for over 8 hours straight for B2B with a host of special guest performances by some of Hardstyle’s finest talents.

To finish off 2014 strong and continue their momentum into 2015, the Psyko Punkz will be performing at more winter festivals like Tomorrowworld USA, The Sound Of Q-dance LA & Chille, and Mysteryland Chille. Along with those festival appearances, this dynamic duo will be hosting their first every United States and Australian tour titled ‘Hard City Tour’, which will be coming to a Hard City near you, so keep your eye out for the Psyko Punkz in 2015, because they wont be backing down any time soon.